About Us

Our Mission

Growing plants for YOUR health.

As an industry leader, we are proud to offer top of the line products all while maintaining eco-friendly practices. 

The Wheatland Trees Advantage

Over the years we have grown to be recognized for our ability to:

GROW:  We produce full, healthy trees with uniform shape, capable of thriving in hardiness Zones 2a to 5b.

DIG:  We know that the timing of the dig is very important.  To survive and thrive, the different species need to be dug at specific times.  We are also careful to ensure the dig is the right size for the tree, and that the soil itself is ‘right and tight‘ for a tree that ships well and shows well.  Of course, meticulous root pruning is an essential part of our process.

MAINTAIN:  We have developed stringent maintenance procedures to make sure your trees are in prime condition when they arrive at the job site.  Our methods include:

   – Placing cardboard around the trunk to prevent scars
   – Watering the trees before shipping so they arrive in hydrated condition
   – Regular inspections to ensure trees are pest free
   – Fertilizing and pruning as appropriate for the time of year

SHIP:  Our root balls do not shake loose under normal shipping conditions.  They arrive at your site more compact and uniform than is typical of most growers, ensuring your trees can be planted quicker, which enhances their survival rate.  

Key Benefits

Functional:  The delivery will happen when we say it will.

Economic:  We will try as hard as we can to make it work so you feel happy with the outcome. 

Emotional:  We will consistently treat you right so you will recommend us. 

Our Core Values

Our core values are a set of values that we adhere to on a day to day basis! 

Healing Powers of Trees

Shinrin-yoku - forest bathing

Why Are Plants Important?

There are many positive benefits that plants can provide. From creating clean air for us to breath, to their medical benefits. Plants play a crucial role in our everyday lives, even if we are not aware of it. To find out more information on exactly what these plants can do for us, follow the link provided below.

Wheatland Trees Clean Plants Certification 2021

Wheatland Trees is a certified “Clean Plants” grower, ensuring you get a high quality product every time.

The Clean Plants program was developed in 2006 by a team of experts operating under Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association (CNLA) supervision and is currently accredited by the Canadian Nursery Certification Institute (CNCI).

The program utilizes an ISO-like systems approach to achieve nursery certification, and it is your assurance that our trees are completely free of all regulated pests, and substantially free from all other insects and diseases.

Phil Paxton

President & Owner

My passion for the landscape industry never seems to end, and I am convinced that our work delivers a key component of urban health.  As a volunteer with CNLA and Landscape Alberta, I regularly encourage communities to recognize our contribution, while continuing to work provincially, nationally and internationally on some exciting new programs that will lead to improved horticultural solutions.

It is my hope that you will profit from both my passion and my years of experience as you cultivate your own business and/or landscape(s).

Torquil Paxton

Customer Relations

I’ve been involved in our business for many years and look forward to providing the level of service that will help your business flourish and succeed.  Wheatland Trees is very nimble and we pride ourselves on being able to react quickly.  We know things change rapidly in the landscape business and we’re here to help. In addition to chinook hardy trees, I would be very pleased to talk to you about any other contributions Wheatland Trees can make to your landscaping projects.  You can reach me at 403-921-3448 or tpaxton@wheatlandtrees.ca.

Joanne Weir


I crunch the numbers.  Additionally, providing insight towards the interior design of our new retail store set up has become part of the job! 

Stacey Gibb, PhD

GROWER & Research

Coming from an academic background, I am a sponge for information and I am constantly searching for innovative concepts to enhance every aspect of growing the best quality trees.  Our trees are grown to meet high city standards using innovative soil management and root pruning techniques.  The results are full and healthy trees with uniform shape and exceptional roots.  I am also keen to grow specialty trees to meet your needs.

Donnie Brandt

CLass 1 DRIVER/Equipment

Donnie is our very own “Swiss army knife”.  Anything you can think of, he can fix it.  A Class One Operator and Head of Maintenance and Repairs Department.